Survey results are in

We had a great response to the baseline survey to gather data on thesis workflows, levels of DOI planning and interest in UTD Р51 responses or nearly 40% of all institutions. A full report will follow, but for now:

  • Most institutions currently require both print and e- deposit, but lots are in transition

Submission requirement

  • Handling print and e- often means creating two sets of metadata, one in the repository and one for the catalogue: “Cataloguing staff create record for print copy; repository staff create record for e-copy”
  • 67% of institutions store supplementary data files in same repository as the thesis. But typical responses included “This is a work in progress”, “Decision yet to be made” and “At the moment we don’t know”.
  • A range of identifiers are used for data:

Current identifiers

  • And finally we asked how ready you are to begin assigning DOIs for theses:

DOI Readiness

Lots of work for UTD to do then. Next task, case studies starting with University of East London.