Live minting of thesis DOIs: it can and does work!

Yesterday at the DataCite UK client meeting held at the British Library, three universities attempted to assign a DOI to a sample thesis. As anyone who has tried a live demonstration will know, there is a risk that what should work doesn’t. Thankfully, it did work and all three DOIs were minted in front of the attendees.

Valerie McCutcheon of the University of Glasgow used the CoinDOI plugin to request and receive back a DOI for a thesis in Enlighten:Theses. The thesis is at McCutcheon mints a DOI

Michael Whitton of the University of Southampton uploaded a small XML file directly to the DataCite Metadata Store, and received back the DOI for ePrints Soton.Michael Whitton mints DOI

Finally, I used the same CoinDOI plugin to assign a DOI to a thesis in ROAR – one which had related data objects (actually two full-length documentary films created as part of the PhD thesis) in data.uel the data repository at UEL.Stephen Grace mints a DOI

Grateful thanks to DataCite UK for the chance to update on the Unlocking Thesis Data project ahead of the Jisc sandpit workshop next week, and to Valerie and Michael for agreeing to mint the DOIs in front of an audience. Look out for release of the six university case studies during the coming week.


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