University of East London case study available!

The UEL case study, written by Michael Whitton and Sara Gould is now available at this DOI: 10.15123/PUB.4301. UEL currently require both print and electronic versions of theses. They currently have separare publications (ROAR) and data (data.uel) repositories, both using the EPrints software.

Key recomendations:

  • DOIs for Theses can be minted in ROAR, using the DataCiteDOI plugin in the EPrints Bazaar.
    • Using DOIs incorporating the Student number (e.g. 10.15123/THESIS.123456) would allow the DOI to be included in the Thesis itself.
    • These could be assigned when the student registers, but only activated on publication of the thesis in ROAR.
  • DOIs for Data are currently being minted in data.uel using the same plugin. The Repository links plugin in the EPrints Bazaar allows the Thesis to be linked to the associated data.
  • ORCiDs can be promoted shortly after the student registers, so they could use it if they publish.
    • Registration forms could be sent to the Repository Manager, who would apply for an account on the student’s behalf.